Mostly Living Things
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Over the years I have tried to capture the natural world when I can. I am not a nature photographer so forgive the quality of some of the images that were shot at a distance or through tour bus windows.

Pelicans off Catalina Island

Seagulls at sunset on the Ventura, California Pier.

Shore birds on a sand spit in Pensacola, Florida

Bobcat on the Trail in Rice Canyon, Santa Clarita Woodlands..

A Herron fishing the shore line in Pensacola.

A California Hummingbird with a succulent treat.

Horses moving from the High Sierra to winter pasture in Bishop, California.

This museum outside of Bryce Canyon was spectacular.Butterflies, bugs, mammals, you name it, they had it. The best display I have ever seen anywhere.

Lizard in the Mojave Desert

Gopher snake in Towsley Canyon Los Angeles California

California Black Bear in Tioga Pass Eastern Yosemite.

Mother and kids.

A Grizzly bear cruising the creek in Denali National Park.

Reindeer at the limit of my telephoto in Denali National Park.

Young moose in the heavy woods inside Denali National Park.

Parmigan or Wild Chicken on the Savage River, Alaska.

Seal shot from the ship Arctic Explorer on a day trip to the Kenai.

Far from Alaska, fresh caught Tuna in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California de Mexico.

Mule deer on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, California.

Getting up close to my goat friends. OKAY, so I faked it alittle.