GARY (Garrin) ARNDT: Photography and Digital Retouching

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In this site, you'll find examples of my work. Exhibited are retouching projects and photographs I have taken over the years. I try to highlight work by other photographers and point you to useful web sites in my favorite links page. Just for fun and the enjoyment of my friends I publish pictures of the latest trips we go on and share them with you. I hope you enjoy your stay. Sincerely, Gary (Garrin) Arndt

Celebrating 30 Years of Photography and Graphic Arts

I have retouched for the top agencies in the Country. My client list includes: Disney, Neutrogena, Nissan, Mercedes, Acura, Warner Bros. Fox Studios, Thomas Kinkade etc. You will receive the same attention and quality that the large accounts receive.


Photographs of adventures in the Sierras , Death Valley and other really neat places can be purchased by contacting me. They are matted, signed and numbered. Some of my catalogue can be found on the following pages.

Restore your special pictures before they are lost forever.

Send me the one photograph that you've always wanted hanging on your wall.

Together we will create a beautiful photograph printed on paper or canvas.

Check out the NEW photos shot at the Cactus Garden at the Huntington Library..