Spring 2008 Wildflowers
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Easter weekend was beautiful, warm, and sunny. Perfect for shooting some pictures on the trails in Towsley Canyon.

Unforutnately I don't enjoy looking up all the proper names for the flowers as much as I enjoy being outside to shoot the pictures. Proper captions to come.
If you know the correct names of any of these flowers feel free to email me, I'm not proud.

This view has the full bouquet of spring wildflowers for our area.

Up the trail almost to the top I found some sandstone mixed with poppys and lupine..
This part of the trail is known as the short loop, about 1 mile.
Nice display of lupine and fresh green grass..
The top of the trail about 2.5 miles in gives you some great views of the Santa Clarita Valley. It also was good exposure for the California Poppies.
This was shot with a 4x5 field camera capable of enlarging into a nice detailed poster.
With full sun at mid-day the California poppys are at their best.
The fires a few years ago cleaned out competeing wildflowers and brush making for whole hillside displays of single wildflower species.
A poppy for sure, I just don't know what kind it is.
This type of lupine grows as a bush instead of single stalks and has the best smell of all the flowers. Their fragrance is like koolaid. You smell them before you even see where they are. Mostly they grow in rocky soil on a steep hillside.
I shot this a week later using my flash to bring out the detail and color of this different variety of lupine.
This is a parasitic plant known as Cuscuta (Dodder). Thanks Amy for setting me straight on the name for this plant.
From the freeway you barely notice this hillside covered with lupine.
A head in the bush look at these lupine.