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If something interests you email me for sizes and prices. I will customize to any format.

This is just a very small sample of my work. I will periodically add more pictures.

If there is a certain terrain you are looking for, email me. I might have something nice. 

"Soft Glow" Shot on cross country skis in the Crowley Lake area near Mammoth..

As we were skiing this scene just unfolded and I knew it was special.

The low clouds over the Sierras just held back the sun enough to create this soft glow.

Shot with a Kodak digital camera.

"Vernal Falls" Shot with my Rollei 35s near Yosemite.

Heavy snowfalls that winter created some huge runoffs turning Yosemite's

waterfalls into something more spectacular than usual.


"Picture Peak" Climbed up a crack from Midnight lake to get this one.

This is a very popular shot that physically I don't think I could get back to this location.

It was scary enough the first time. The lake in the background is Hungry Packer Lake. 

"Beaver Pond" Fall near Lundy Lake Eastern Sierras.
I shot this with a Rollei 35s camera using Fuji Velvia for nice saturated colors.
"Saline Valley Inyo Mountains" Sharp as a tack from pebble to peak. Shot with a 4x5 camera.

I forced myself to get up before sunrise, loaded up my equipment and hiked

about a mile from where we were camped to a dry riverbed that we visited on

a hike the day before. I was cold when I left camp and sweating by the time I

got to this spot trying to beat the sunrise. This camera can take a half hour to

set up sometimes depending on conditions and if I have someone to help me.


"Perfect Fall Day" Shot with a Canon AE1 in Eastern Sierras.

Sometimes a perfect picture is just a few feet away. When my friend and I hiked

around to the other side of this tree there it was. I have gone back to this spot many

times trying to get this one again with my 4x5 camera only to find that this was a

picture that has never materialized like this one again. 

"Cross Country Blues" It really turned out like this. No filters.

A very serene scene. Untracked snow, good friends, perfect skiing weather

no one else around. Nice. My friend broke his thumb a few minutes later when

his skis hit a sticky spot and sent him tumbling. I actually have a picture of that

too that I will dig up when I have a chance to hunt it down.


"American Sunset" Just there at the right time at Sunset.

I planted this flag at a favorite hill by my house when I was in a patriotic mood.

Always carry your camera, you never know when the opportunity to get a picture like

this one will come your way. 

"Mountain Sheep Canyon" Lake Powell Utah

This wonder of the world that is called Lake Powell is one of my favorite places.

It can be as serene as this scene after pummeling you with thunder, lightning, wind and waves

in no time flat. Warning: Respect Mother Nature when you visit here. 

"Whitney Falls" Early spring at the Mount Whitney Trailhead.
"SanFrancisco 1950" I produced this from an old slide of a relatives.
This is a great nostalgic poster. It is fun to read the store front signs of an era gone by.
Spring Wildflowers....Southern California
This shot can be blown up to huge proportions. It was shot on 4x5 Fuji Velvia slide film. If you want a wildflower poster this is of the highest quality for printing.

On a Beautiful day in July the falls of Yosemite Valley

were flowing at full force.

"Marble Canyon Cactus"

After hiking up Marble canyon in Death Valley the canyon opened up from a

slot to a wide expanse with alot of direct sun light to grow cactus seemingly

right out of solid rock. 

Yosemite Falls July 2011