The Huntington Library Cactus Garden
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May 30th 2010 was a beautiful summer day and the cacti were in full bloom.

If there is a more impressive cactus garden in the world I would be shocked.

The garden is close to a hundred years old and the variety is astounding.

It takes up approximately 10 acres with trails winding throughout.

This variety was just one of many in full bloom.
This reminded me of a fern deep in the forest. Hard to believe it's a cactus.
Pumpkin patch or a field of barrel cactus?

I shot 8 pictures in succession to create a hi resolution poster of this area that you can see on my home page.

They were seamed 4up and 4 across to create the hi res panorama. 

A spectacular display on the road above Bishop Creek Canyon. (4x5 transparancy slide)
This picture doesn't really convey the "Wow" factor that you get when this scene appears.
Hole in the Autumn color. Ridgeline below the big boys. (digital)

Shot in the late afternoon. It is hard to get a good shot because you have to get the sun behind

the trees to light them up. The sun is always in your face, so blocking it on the lens is critical. 

A lazy part of the river in the Willow Creek Campground. (35mm slide)
I thought I had plenty of pictures but had to get just a few more before I headed home.
Aspen and Blue Sky. (digital)

It is just expected to do one of these traditional autumn shots. It is spectacular

when you see the color contrast and hear the leaves rustling in the breeze. Makes

you want to lay down and take a nap by the stream. 

Road winding up the Canyon. (digital)

This part of the road is one of the most scenic sections. It is also a section with

almost no place to pull over to take pictures and enjoy the view. 

Aspens and Granite. (digital)

I loved the contrast between the bright orange backlit trees and the shadowed granite. 

A nice spot to fish. (digital)

I loved the whole setting. Good parking, good fishing, nice trees, calm water, off the main part of

the road. I liked the aspen leaves sprinkled on the trail. 

Little Lakes on Hwy 395. (digital)

We exited the hwy at the red volcanic cone in the distance known as the fossil falls road. We drove around the back of the lakes on a dirt road to shoot this shot. Always wondered what was back there after driving past it for 40 years. 

Autumn ground cover. (digital)
I was looking for a good shot with the leaves lining a trail but decided this was a worthy representation.
Mono Lake.(digital)

The sun was setting fast and I realized I would never make it to the shoreline before I lost the light

so I stopped where I was and zoomed in with my 10x zoom to get this sunset shot. 1 minute later the

sun set behind the headwall of the Sierras.