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I spliced 17 pictures together to get this Sierra Panorama.
I zoomed in on the mountains for better detail and then zoomed out to get the whole scene and joined them all together for a Panorama that is about 25 feet long.

The Coyote Flats Road after a summer storm.

We drove across Lee Flats up into the mountains dropping into Grapevine Canyon and then onto

the alluvial fan spreading into the Saline Valley Road. As we exited the canyon we were hit by a

variety of wildflowers some I had not seen before in the previous 30 years in my desert travels.  

Grosvenor Arch Kodachrome Basin Utah

Following a dirt road that eventually hits the highway some 40 miles past this point is Grosvenor Arch

sitting all by itself surrounded by desert. 

Fall display on the road to South Lake, Eastern Sierras
Notice the house on the far left and his private waterfall. Nice View huh?

The Navaho Loop Trail Bryce Canyon
What can I say, one of my favorite places. The scenery changes in every turn of the trail. A photographers heaven on earth.

Joshua Tree on the Lee Flats Road Mojave Desert
A perfect place to spend the night and wait for the sunrise. On my to do list.

The Carrizo Plain The Temblor Range California

The only western prairie sits to the west of Bakersfield on the other side of the temblor range where the

San Andreas Fault runs the length of the valley. 

Old Way Station on the 20 Mule Team Road Mojave Desert

This was the equivalent of the 405 and 10 freeway interchange when the 20 Mule Teams were hauling

minerals, silver, gold, and supplies through the Mohave Desert. It was a life line for the mining camps

and a source of riches for the growing village of Los Angeles and San Pedro.